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DinoBites ® Dinosaur Cookie Molder

DinoBites ® Dinosaur Cookie Molder

DinoBites ® Dinosaur Cookie Molder

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Turn every meal into a fun and exciting experience for your kid using DinoBites ® Dinosaur Cookie Molder!

Just roll flour into a pancake shape, put the dinosaur cookie cutter on flour and cut off, embed the stampers on it, and press, then you will see a dinosaurs biscuits mold.

Use DinoBites ® to make pancakes, cookies, bread, biscuits, and just anything you can think of! Your kids will be excited to eat at the sight of dinosaur-molded food!


  • Made of high-quality plastic; long-lasting and reusable
  • Made of 100% safe food-grade plastic
  • Very easy to use
  • Fun designs
  • Ideal for making sandwiches, biscuit, biscuits, fondant gum paste
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