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2020 Earwax Remover® Smart Ear Cleaning

2020 Earwax Remover® Smart Ear Cleaning

2020 Earwax Remover® Smart Ear Cleaning

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Cleaning your ears shouldn’t be painful. There’s an easy solution! 

The 2020 Earwax Remover® allows a more comfortable ear cleaning process. A very helpful device especially when cleaning the ears of your kids.

Our 2020 Earwax Remover® is the innovative ear wax removal kit that makes ear wax removal easy and pain-free. Simply place it in your ear, twist, and remove ear wax. It’s easy and safely without causing injury.

Our disposable, soft spiral grooved head is designed to go the perfect distance into the ear and gently remove ear wax.
  • Simply twist to grab & extract ear wax
  • Makes ear wax removal easy
  • Soft, flexible tip
  • Goes the perfect distance inside your ear
  • Extracts ear wax with a spiral-grooved head
  • Won’t injure the ear when used as directed
  • Disposable touch-free replacement heads
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